Senate Democrats Call For Clean Homeland Security Funding Bill

Senate Democrats Call For Clean Homeland Security Funding Bill

29/Jan/2015  //  266 Viewers

While the Senate continues to debate legislation authorizing construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, Democrats are already looking ahead to the next fight over a bill providing funding for the Department of Homeland Security.

Earlier this month, the House voted in favor of a bill that provides homeland security funding through September but also includes a series of amendments blocking President Barack Obama's controversial executive action on immigration.

However, Senate Democrats sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ken., on Tuesday calling for a clean DHS funding bill without any extraneous policy riders attached.

"In light of recent events in Paris, Ottawa and Australia, the threat of ISIS and the proliferation of foreign fighters that return home radicalized, DHS funding should not be tied to divisive political issues that could jeopardize this critical funding," the Senators wrote.

The letter continued, "Every day, new threats emerge that endanger our citizens at home and our allies abroad. We should not cast doubt on future funding for the Department of Homeland Security at a time when the entire nation should be marshalling collective resources to defend against terrorism."

Forty-three Democratic Senators signed the letter along with the two Independent Senators who caucus with the Democrats.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., did not sign the letter but released a statement on Wednesday calling for a clean bill.

In a news conference on Tuesday, McConnell said the Senate would take up the DHS funding bill after it completes work on the keystone bill, which is expected later this week or early next week.

Republicans are still likely to push for the language blocking Obama's immigration action, but the letter from the Democrats suggests that they will not get the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster.

Even if the House bill were to pass the Senate, the White House has threatened to veto any legislation that includes "objectionable restrictions" on Obama's executive orders.

The White House previously said Obama looks forward to working with Congress on comprehensive immigration reform and an appropriations bill funding the Homeland Security Department that is free from ideological provisions.

In order to avoid another government shutdown, lawmakers approved a spending bill that funded most of the government through September but only funded the Homeland Security Department through the end of February.

A bill providing additional funding for the Homeland Security Department must subsequently be passed before the end of next month.

by RTT Staff Writer


Romney on minority outreach: 'Stop thinking so much about the primary'

Romney on minority outreach: 'Stop thinking so much about the primary'

29/Jan/2015  //  304 Viewers

Starkville, Mississippi (CNN)Mitt Romney argued on Wednesday that Republicans need to spend more time targeting nontraditional GOP voters during presidential primaries, saying the party's messaging gap is greatest with minority voters.

"During our campaigns for the primary vote, we tend to go to the audiences that vote in a Republican primary and tend therefore not to be as involved in minority communities as we need to be to win the general election," the 2012 Republican presidential nominee told an audience at Mississippi State University.

"And so we got to stop thinking so much about the primary and start thinking more about making sure we have people that support us in the general election," he continued.

He followed up saying he wasn't urging Republicans to spend less time thinking about the primary but to devote equal amount of attention to "all audiences."

Romney, who's considering yet another presidential bid, made no mention of where he is in his thought process about a third campaign, but said he felt confident that "the great days of America have not ended; they're ahead with the right kind of leadership."

Combating poverty

In his speech, Romney hit on familiar refrains about nostalgia from his campaign as well as challenges facing the country. He also wove in swipes against Clinton, who's widely considered the Democratic frontrunner if she runs for president.

If Romney runs again, he's likely to make anti-poverty policy a key part of his message.

Romney said the war on poverty that started under President Lyndon B. Johnson "came from a good heart" but argued "the policies weren't as good as the heart."

To address the problem, Romney argued that the government should not create incentives for people to avoid marriage, saying a single mother on Medicaid or other assistance may not want to get married because she could lose her benefits.

"If marriage ... is essential to helping people to stay out of poverty, then we want to do the opposite," he said. "We want to create incentives for them to get married, not to not get married."

He also said K-12 education needs to improve, and he encouraged creating incentives for people to hire workers who haven't worked before, but didn't outline specifics.

Blasting Clinton

Romney is also looking straight past his potential GOP rivals and sharpening his attacks against Hillary Clinton.

He argued that the former secretary of state was "clueless" on relations with Russia and would prove inept on economic policy if elected president.

"How can Secretary Clinton provide opportunity for all if she doesn't know where jobs come from in the first place?" Romney said.

He also argued that Clinton helped contribute to Obama's "timid" approach to foreign policy.

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cluelessly pressed a reset button for Russia, which smiled and then invaded Ukraine, a sovereign nation," Romney said.

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As Romney was headed to Mississippi, the nation's poorest state, his political team fought back against perceptions that his wealth could be a political liability if he runs for president again, arguing that Clinton is no model for modest living, either.

"It's going to be hard for Hillary Clinton to make Mitt Romney's wealth a fruitful line of attack, with her multi-million dollar mansions in Georgetown and Chappaqua and her jet-setting lifestyle of the rich and famous," a Romney aide said Wednesday.

That comment was also included in a new report by the Boston Globe that details how Romney purchased or built two new homes after his 2012 election loss. The former private equity CEO, whose wealth became an overriding theme for Democratic attacks, has a total of four homes: a mansion in La Jolla, California; a ski chalet in Park City, Utah; a large home in Salt Lake City; and a house on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

The home in La Jolla, complete with a car elevator, has been undergoing renovations to make it bigger since 2012, and according the Globe, is now being shown to potential buys by a broker.

Correct the Record, the pro-Clinton communications and research PAC, pushed back against Romney's response Wednesday.

"While Mitt Romney tries in vain to reinvent himself as a friend to those who are struggling, Hillary Clinton is continuing her life-long work to lift up the middle class and level the playing field for all Americans," said Adrienne Elrod, communications director for the group, said in an email to CNN.

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Romney was constantly playing defense against multi-million dollar Democratic campaigns that pilloried his corporate background and painted him as out of touch. He also sought to overcome a string of gaffes―i.e. "I like being able to fire people" and "I have some great friends who are NASCAR team owners"―that Democrats quickly used as fuel for their fire against the then-GOP nominee.

A spokesman for Clinton did not immediately return a request for comment.

The former secretary of state, widely seen as the Democratic frontrunner if she runs for president, has fought her own battle against accusations of being out of touch, in part because of her six-figure speaking fees and because of comments she made last summer in which she argued that her family was "dead broke" after leaving the White House.

Romney's $50,000 honorarium (minus travel costs) is being donated to Charity Vision, a restorative eyesight organization based in Provo, Utah.


Asari Dokubo, Wife Join Forces To Attack Gen. Danjuma

Asari Dokubo, Wife Join Forces To Attack Gen. Danjuma

29/Jan/2015  //  273 Viewers

Wife of the controversial formal militant leader, Asari Dokubo comes for former minister of Defence, Theophilus Danjuma after he called to arrest her husband, former Niger Delta militant for threatening to plunge a war if incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan not won election.

Hajia Mujahidat Daba Asari-Dokubo asked on her Facebook page why general didn’t ask the DSS to arrest Buhari, accusing him of being commander in chief of Boko Haram.
Read what she wrote:

“Rtd General Danguma said Asari Dokubo, Tompolo and others should be arrested. Questions for Danguma did you arrest Mohammed when he was insulting the commander in chief of the armed forces president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?

Did he ask the DSS to arrest Buhari who is the commander in chief of BOKOHARAM?
Did he asked the DSS to arrest Gov Ameachi and his party APC when they said they will form a parallel govt should the PDP declared winner May 29th?

Did the general asked the DSS to arrest those who attacked the president campaign convoy in katsina, bauchi and burnt the PDP presidential campaign buses in other northern states ? I can go on and on the list is endless.TYT Danguma should not raise dust just because is one of the beneficial of the Niger delta oil wells.

I want to state categorical here that should Jega and his allies the north conspire against GEJ to favor Buhari to forcefully take over power to the north , we the Niger Delta people will shut down our oil .
The north can not use our oil to rule Nigeria and also restitute the poverty stricken north. If a Niger delta man is not good enough to rule, his oil should also be rejected.”

Ex-Niger Delta militant leader Asari Dokubo has also hit back at General Danjuma asking the general to return his oil wells.

He  said: “Theophilus Danjuma should return Ijaw oil before calling for my arrest. He’s a Gambari slave.”

Danjuma has not only attacked Asari-Dokubo, Tompolo and other former Niger Delta militants, but also ordered their immediate arrest for threatening to plunge the country into war.


Sydney siege: Cafe manager was forced to kneel and shot in back of head after gunman ate chocolate cake

Sydney siege: Cafe manager was forced to kneel and shot in back of head after gunman ate chocolate cake

29/Jan/2015  //  338 Viewers

A cafe manager was forced to kneel and shot in the back of the head after a gunman ate cake and drank tea, an inquest into the Sydney siege has heard.

Tori Johnson, 34, was executed at close range with a sawn off pump-action shotgun by crazed Man Haron Monis.

Police then raided the Lindt cafe were he was holding 17 staff and customers hostage on December 15 last year.

Another of the hostages - lawyer Katrina Dawson - was killed by a ricochet of at least one police bullet that also injured three other hostages, the inquest was told.

Jeremy Gormly, counsel assisting the New South Wales state coroner, said the 38-year-old was hit by six fragments of a police bullet, or bullets, with one striking a major blood vessel.

"She lost consciousness quickly and died shortly afterwards," Gormly said at the opening of the inquest.

The cafe manager's execution was witnessed by a police marksman, Gormly said.

Monis, 50, who fired five rounds from a sawn-off pump action shotgun, was killed instantly by several police bullets and bullet fragments to the head and body, Gormly added.

The inquest is running alongside a government inquiry into how Monis was able to access a gun and why he was granted bail while facing charges as an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife. He was also facing more than 40 sexual assault charges.

The self-styled sheik harboured deep grievances against the Australian government and had found little kinship in the city’s large Muslim community, where he was seen as deeply troubled.

He was found guilty in 2012 of sending threatening letters to the families of eight Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan as a protest against Australia’s involvement there.

Gormly said investigators had so far not established any contact between Monis and Islamic State before the siege.

There was evidence that a psychiatric profile of Monis "will throw light" on his motivations, he said.

Monis ordered and consumed a piece of chocolate cake and tea after entering the cafe, the inquest heard.

Around half an hour later, he asked to move tables and to speak to manager Johnson, who then asked an employee to lock the doors.

Once that was done, Monis stood up, putting on a vest and bandana, telling staff, according to one hostage account: "This is an attack. I have a bomb."

Coroner Michael Barnes said he would conduct the inquiry as quickly as possible, noting it raised "issues relevant to the actual security and the sense of security of the wider population".


Jordan agrees to prisoner swap with ISIS in deal that could free pilot, Japanese journalist

Jordan agrees to prisoner swap with ISIS in deal that could free pilot, Japanese journalist

28/Jan/2015  //  290 Viewers

Jordan agreed Wednesday to an ISIS demand for the release of a female jihadist, in a move that could free a Jordanian pilot captured in Syria -- but it also left in doubt the fate of a Japanese hostage as the terror group's negotiation deadline passed.

The development comes as debate rages in Washington over whether the U.S. government has effectively opened the door to negotiating with terror groups. Asked Wednesday about the Jordanian position, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said every country “has the ability and the right to make decisions,” but reiterated the U.S. position that “we don't make concessions to terrorists.”

Still, the U.S. last year traded five Guantanamo prisoners to a Taliban-aligned network to secure Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s freedom. Reports have emerged that Qatar also proposed a trade last year for an Al Qaeda operative held in a U.S. prison, though the administration insists no such trade was considered.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz, while also saying U.S. policy is “that we don’t pay ransom, we don’t give concessions to terrorist organizations,” sought Wednesday to distinguish the current proposed trade from the Taliban-Bergdahl swap.

He described that as part of an “end of conflict interaction,” as part of the wind-down of the Afghanistan war. Further, he said the Taliban are an “armed insurgency,” while ISIS is a “terrorist group.”

In the case of the ISIS prisoner, Jordanian government spokesman Mohammed al-Momani said in a statement the nation was prepared to free Sajida al-Rishawi, who was convicted of taking part in a 2005 deadly hotel bombing that killed 60 people, if the Jordanian pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, is released unharmed. His comments were carried by Jordan's official Petra news agency. Although he made no mention of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, a hostage audio message released by Islamic State a day earlier tied Goto's fate to that of Al-Rishawi, as well.

Jordan is reportedly in indirect talks with the militants through religious and tribal leaders in Iraq to secure the hostages' release. The chairman of the foreign affairs committee of Jordan's parliament, Bassam Al-Manasseer, has been quoted as saying that Jordan and Japan would not negotiate directly with the Islamic State group and would not free al-Rishawi for the Japanese hostage only.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh later wrote on his Twitter account that Jordan asked for proof that the pilot is alive. "We have asked for some time for evidence of the health and safety of the hero Muath, but didn't receive it," he wrote.

Efforts to release the pilot and the journalist gained urgency with the release Tuesday of a purported online ultimatum claiming ISIS would kill both hostages within 24 hours if the Iraqi woman was not freed. In the message, the extremists say the two hostages will be killed within 24 hours -- late Wednesday night Japan time -- unless Jordan frees al-Rishawi.


The new Ghostbusters are all women

The new Ghostbusters are all women

28/Jan/2015  //  293 Viewers

Your cast for the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot is Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. Three of the four are either current or former Saturday Night Live players, while the fourth—McCarthy—has hosted SNL three times and garnered three Emmy nominations for it. Director Paul Feig confirmed the news on Twitter yesterday.

While this reboot, like the majority of uninspired Hollywood reboots of once-popular franchises, may be unnecessary, at least there’s a lot of talent behind it. Kristen Wiig is excellent in everything she does, and McKinnon is one of the best parts of what is a presently pedestrian SNL cast. McCarthy, at least, is very good at a particular type of comedic role—one which she will likely reprise in Ghostbusters.

But more important than the specific actors involved is the fact that it proves there may be actual momentum to produce more female-centric blockbuster movies in an industry that’s been toiling over doing so for years.

There was a brief period in the early 2000s with a number of female-centric action films, but it was very brief, and the films were very bad. This period was typified by the bomb that was Aeon Flux. Hollywood has mostly shelved the female action hero film since.

But lately, as the new Ghostbusters cast indicates, things are beginning to change, if incrementally. ABC’s series Agent Carter debuted this year to largely positive reviews. CBS will follow with a Supergirl series and Netflix is developing a Jessica Jones show alongside its Daredevil reboot.

Film-wise, Wonder Woman will feature in DC Entertainment’s Batman v Superman and Justice League movies before getting her own film in 2017. Marvel will join the trend in 2018 with a female Captain Marvel.

And there already are, of course, the colossal Hunger Games movies, a franchise that has parented countless imitators. The Hunger Games suggested that what drove the failure of earlier female-centric action movies wasn’t necessarily their female focus; more likely they were just bad movies. Meanwhile, there have been gripes about the lack of female heroes in comics and movies like Marvel’s.

Whether female-centric action films actually become a new norm will hinge on their box office success (and, considerably less so, critical esteem).

Emily Blunt, who plays a veteran soldier responsible for saving Tom Cruise’s ass on numerous occasions in the criminally underrated futuristic thriller Edge of Tomorrow, summed it up best when accepting her Critics Choice Award: “It’s the greatest thing to not be a damsel in distress in an action movie.”

The Ghostbusters reboot will hit theaters July 22, 2016.

Hezbollah Missile Attack Kills Israeli Soldiers Near Lebanon, and 2 Sides Exchange Fire

Hezbollah Missile Attack Kills Israeli Soldiers Near Lebanon, and 2 Sides Exchange Fire

28/Jan/2015  //  298 Viewers

JERUSALEM — Two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven wounded in a missile attack Wednesday as they drove in a disputed zone along the Lebanese border, Israel said, in the most serious flare-up in the area in years. Hezbollah claimed responsibility.

The attack raised the risk of a further escalation between Israel and Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group that is one of Israel’s most tenacious enemies. The two sides lobbed rockets and artillery at each other for hours afterward.

Hezbollah, which had vowed to avenge a deadly Israeli strike on its fighters earlier this month, said in a statement that its Quneitra Martyrs Brigade had carried out the missile strike at 11:35 a.m.

The attack was the latest in a string of recent events along Israel’s northern frontiers that have sharply escalated tensions between Israel and Hezbollah after a prolonged period of relative calm since the last war between them in 2006.

About an hour after the initial attack on the Israeli soldiers, several mortar shells were fired at Israeli military positions in the border area and on Mount Hermon in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, without causing injury.

The Israeli military said that it had responded with combined aerial and ground strikes at what it called “Hezbollah operational positions” in Lebanon, and that it might take further action.

“Whoever is behind today’s attack will pay the full price,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. He also said the Lebanese government and President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, who is a Hezbollah ally, “share responsibility for the consequences of the attacks emanating from their territories against the State of Israel.”

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a spokesman for the Israeli military, described the events as “a severe escalation on our northern border.” Military leaders convened in Tel Aviv to assess the situation.

Colonel Lerner said Israel had responded immediately with artillery and tank fire and at least one airstrike on targets in southern Lebanon that “are connected with Hezbollah and that could have carried out this attack.” He confirmed that a Spanish member of the United Nations peacekeeping force in the area had been killed and that the military had “conveyed our condolences” and was investigating the circumstances.

The Israeli soldiers were traveling in unarmored, unmarked, white vehicles — an Isuzu D-Max truck and a Citroen Berlingo van — on a road civilians also use, about a mile from the border, when they were hit by five antitank missiles fired from less than three miles away, Colonel Lerner said. The two who were killed were in the first vehicle, which was hit, while the wounded exited their vehicle and took cover.

There were “civilian vehicles also in the vicinity,” Colonel Lerner said. Another missile hit inside the town of Ghajar, though he said he did not yet know whether that was “misdirected or intentional” and the extent of damage there. Three areas of the Golan Heights were closed to civilian traffic into the evening.

In the early afternoon, the two sides were still firing rockets or artillery at each other, the National News Agency of Lebanon reported. Witnesses in southern Lebanon said that Israeli ordnance had landed on their side of the border, extending from Shebaa to the south. The Lebanese news channel Al Mayadeen also reported that at least eight Israeli rockets had hit southern Lebanon.


Jonathan promises to create more jobs through agriculture

Jonathan promises to create more jobs through agriculture

28/Jan/2015  //  276 Viewers

By Ugonnabo Ngwu

President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday took his campaign train to Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, where he promised more investment in the agriculture sector so as to boost employment opportunities in the country.

Speaking at the Metropolitan Square in the ancient city, Jonathan assured people of the state that his government would not disappoint them if they voted for PDP candidates in all the elections. He promised to create an avenue for wealth creation which young graduates would be beneficiaries.

The President also gave an assurance that he would work with the people of the state to create an atmosphere where they would develop their potentials without fear of intimidation, adding that, “We don’t want a government run by intimidation; you must be able to express yourselves.

“That is the reason I signed the Freedom of Information Bill into law.

“Nigeria is not a zoological garden, Nigeria is not a forest, it is a country that its citizens must be free to express themselves,” he said.

The PDP presidential candidate called on the people to vote massively for his party during the elections so as to transform the country as a whole and Kwara in particular.

Speaking at the rally, Vice President Namadi Sambo insisted that Jonathan was the most qualified for the post considering his very many achievements. He restated that the present administration had completed many road projects while ensuring the establishment of 12 new universities.

The National Chairman of the PDP, Dr Adamu Muazu, who also spoke said Jonathan had removed fraud in the agriculture sector as farmers now access fertiliser, chemicals and seedlings with ease.

Mu’azu, who presented the party’s flag to its gubernatorial candidate in the state, Sen. Simeon Ajibola, as well as his deputy, Alhaji Yinka Aluko, declared that only a PDP victory in the polls would transform the country.

Ajibola, while delivering his speech, called on the people of the state to vote for the president and all PDP candidates in the elections even as he appealed to the people of the state to collect their voter cards as that is the only weapon to effect change in the state.

He went on appreciate the President for demonstrating love to the people of the state, assuring that the gesture would be reciprocated in the presidential poll with victory.


22,000 graduates benefit from Nigerian government’s graduate internship scheme

22,000 graduates benefit from Nigerian government’s graduate internship scheme

28/Jan/2015  //  290 Viewers

Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, on Wednesday revealed that 22,000 unemployed graduates in the country have benefited from federal government’s graduate internship programme which aims at increasing the employability of the graduates by enhancing their skills.

She made this known in a statement issued in Abuja by her personal assistant on media, Paul Nwabuikwu, noting that “the scheme targets up to 50,000 unemployed graduates in the 36 states of the federation and FCT,” and that “No fewer than 22,000 graduates have so far been placed on the programme.”

Explaining that the current administration has tried to ensure that jobs were created for unemployed youths nationwide, she said that the Goodluck Jonathan administration has tried to create jobs by driving quality growth in key sectors of the economy which has resulted in providing an average of 1.4 million jobs per year. She listed the sectors to include agriculture, financial services, and the creative Industries like the Nollywood.

She urged the citizenry to support all the efforts of the Federal Government, adding that it was working in the interest of the common man. She said the Community Services Scheme under SURE-P was developed to empower young unskilled Nigerians, women and people with disabilities.

“No fewer than 120,000 Nigerians, mostly young workers, have been engaged under the programme across the country,’’ she said.

She said that the government borrowed in 2010 to pay an unprecedented 53.7 per cent wage increase to all categories of federal government employees as demanded by labour.

“The total wage bill rose from N857 billion in 2009 to about N1.4 trillion in 2010 and as a result, domestic borrowing increased from N200 billion in 2007 to about N1.1 trillion in 2010 to meet the wage payments.

The minister said the current administration had been prudent with regards to debt and borrowing.

She said that the Economic Management Team not only looked at debt to GDP ratio, where Nigeria had one of the lowest in the world at 12.51 per cent but also looked at debt service to revenues.

“That is why in spite of the rebasing and a larger GDP, the administration has taken a prudent approach to borrowing.

“The prudent approach helped to drive down domestic borrowing from N1.1 trillion in 2010 to N642 billion in 2014.

“In fact for the first time in our nation’s borrowing history, we managed to retire N75 billion worth of domestic bonds in 2013,’’ she said.

She assured the citizenry that the Federal Government would continue to work hard to ensure inclusive economic growth and development.


Opinion – Zaria massacre: six months on –we still demand justice

Opinion – Zaria massacre: six months on –we still demand justice

28/Jan/2015  //  254 Viewers

By S.I Ahmad
The 25th July, 2014 massacre of some members of the Islamic Movement was a tragedy that shocked not only the members of the Movement but every right thinking Nigerian and beyond shores. On that faithful day, soldiers on a mission to kill attacked a peaceful procession in Zaria to mark the International Quds Day which is observed annually by many people (Muslims, Christians, Jews and others) all over the world in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine. That dastardly attack resulted in the murder of 34 people including 3 sons of the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). Over a hundred others were severely injured. The insensitive killing of such creative and vibrant young men has exposed the cluelessness of the present administration.
It is now six months after the murder of 34 members of the Islamic Movement, and still there is no effort either from the government or its apparatus to bring those murderers to justice. The murderers of 34 brothers and sisters are still roaming proudly on our streets, still claiming to be law enforcement agents. We wonder what has happened to this country that villains are now parading themselves as warriors. Nobody is safe in this country, where secondary school girls from Chibok were abducted for more than 9 Months without any serious effort to secure their release.
This is a country were bomb blast is almost business as usual; a country where a mythical monster called “Boko Haram” is destroying villages and towns killing thousands and displacing millions. While these gruesome acts are going on, the so called leaders have turned a blind eye just busying themselves with their political business as if nothing is happening. Protection of life and property is an integral duty of every government in the world, but this is not the case in Nigeria. It is surprising in Nigeria that the government and its soldiers are killing the very citizens they are expected to protect. The broad day killing of this young innocent Nigerians on the 25th of July, 2014 has exposed the Nigerian government as the real source of insecurity which has troubled the country for the past four years. It is now clear that to terrorize defenseless citizens is never a crime in this country, where leaders have lost direction. In fact the report of Amnesty International on the viciousness of Nigerian soldiers is a good testimony, which justifies our stand on this pitiful status in which we are directly affected
In other countries, governments are not only jealously protecting and nurturing the youths, but they ensure that the creativity, passion and energy of the youths are harnessed and utilized for the development of their society. Unfortunately in this land of hopelessness called Nigeria, it is the state and its security apparatus that are systematically extinguishing the lives of the future leaders of the country.
Events of the 25th July, 2014 no doubt have reawakened the sleeping citizens of this country against the injustice and senseless killings of innocent people by their government on the instructions of their Zionist masters. The show of affection, solidarity, commiseration, and love by the people across different strata of the society shows unity of human voices against the carnage, destruction and killing of innocent people.
While we re-echo our strong condemnation of this barbaric and wicked murder of these vibrant youths in Zaria; we and the world demand and await immediate justice. A situation where the lives of 34 innocent and promising Nigerians were brutally terminated by officers of the Nigerian military can never be wiped away from our memory, and go unpunished. We would continue to hold the Nigerian government responsible for the massacre. We would continue to demand for justice. We would not relent our quest for justice until the day the perpetrators of this cowardly act are brought to book.
S.I Ahmad